Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where is the love?

In FB..I felt a wave of sadness washed over me when someone posted out about abandoned babies, abused babies..masyaAllah. I cannot hold back my tears, Even while typing this and remembering all those babies who are now with Allah bring a fresh tears to my eyes. But at least they are safe now..becoming ahli syurga without hisab....dont need to face challenging life and morally depleted world today.

I couldnt care less for the parents. Well as for the father..you might not connected to your because they didnt grow in your belly. Basically you are just a sperms donor or like a Touch 'N' Go card! But the mother? How could she do that to her own baby? Yeah we fully comprehend that you were afraid. Its too late to preach you on sequence of your sins but to add up your sins and get rid of your own baby who you carried for 9 months? I couldn't digest that. Its like I'm having serious constipation which really hurtful!

Dont you feel love towards your baby? Your baby is not a mistake..you are the one made a mistake and make a new mistake! Even you dont want your baby I knew for a fact that lot of people outside craving for one! I was in a situation where I craved to have one. For 3 years marriage I pray for a miracle..praying hard to have a baby whom shall call me mommy. Thank you Allah for granted my wish. For that alone I knew how much the desperation to have a baby came from!

But you...you get rid all those maternal feeling just to hide your sins! I cried when I saw a lifeless baby were thrown into bins, drains..left alone in a box and got gathered by ants, bugs worse dogs! Can you at least covered them properly with a blanket regardless its condition and put it nicely in front of someone's house where at least another human being can take your baby to safer place?!! My logic mind keep wandering why they couldn't or won't keep the baby alive!

One more that I couldnt comprehend..abusing baby or kids to death. Most of the cases come from a mother who were living with a boyfriend or new husband. Some of them tagged team with her partner to kill their own flesh and blood! What is wrong with you people?!!!! Where is your heart? where is your brain?

I gave birth and went through the pain and all the ordeal and for numerous time I was so dumbstruck how could a mother..the person who went the same thing like I did giving a birth could do that?! HOW HOW HOW?!!!

I pray for an angels protected them from hurt when they were thrown away. I pray to Allah for their precious souls!

Human lost its humanity and we gotta learn from animals how to love. Sad but true.

MH17...haunting images of the loved ones left behind really break my heart. I still can picture them in my mind..a baby who is the same age like mine looked clueless in his father's friend arms during the prayer or sleeping in his mother arms while waiting for his father remains reached home. The most saddest image was when he held his father's uniform while sleeping. A child crying silently next to his mother's coffin..Everytime...everytime the pictures appeared on my timeline I will be crying until my husband asked me to stop open the images!

And you dont need to become a mother to feel those feelings. Any human with heart will feel it.

What if I was on their shoes? Imagining my baby hurting physically and emotionally..I just cant! Everyday I cant wait to be home..to see his face...everyday I wish I could spend every single second with my baby. Everyday I pray there is no harm fall upon my son. I even cried when my baby had a fever.

So what was wrong with these mothers who easily kill their babies? Whatever your excuses....there is no excuse for killing your own baby.